We are a start-up Independent Publishing Company based in the UK and working out of Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg. Our mission is to build a network of imprints and digital publishing platforms that offer new BAME and African storytellers and creators the opportunity to have their talents enjoyed both at home and abroad.


professional publishing services

We offer aspiring writers, authors and storytellers, world-class professional publishing services and the complete support required to help take them from a basic idea and concept, to a professionally produced book that can be offered to a global audience. Our services are specially tailored to help new storytellers and creators from Africa and the diaspora cultivate and develop a community of readers as well as a potential audience not only at home but abroad as well. Find out more about our easy to follow step by step publishing and marketing system. 

new release

In this exquisitely written piece, Toyin Olunloyo shares a story of life as we sometimes find it. Adekanmi, a successful young man who, despite his apparent success is disillusioned with life meets Red, a smart, mysterious call girl who sets his world spinning. He is unsure what to make of her, at first but as the story progresses, learns that people are deeper and more complex than their actions, and sometimes what lies behind the mask is worth fighting for.