new HEROEs



Passionate About New Voices.

We are currently developing Three imprints to focus on three categories of creators: Debut African Storytellers at home and abroad, as well as BAME authors in the UK, and Young Creators, Entrepreneurs and Innovators. Our primary platform is Digital Publishing but we are also keen to explore other multimedia platforms that bring the story nearer our readers.

Our vision is to become a critically acclaimed impresario of Africa's contemporary literary talents, while also promoting uniquely Afropolitan values across innovative formats and platforms of literary expression. We operate a 'digital-first' philosophy closely followed by a unique take on open access publishing, which blends the rigour of traditional publishing with the democratic ethos of self-publishing. For us, success will be measured by the stories we can tell across our three major imprints, and flag ship. 





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An imprint specially founded to discover fresh new voices that promote new and exciting diverse stories primarily from Africa and the Caribbean, as well as the BAME community in the UK. Open to aspiring writers in the literary and major commercial genres of fiction with an overriding ambition for critical acclaim as much as commercial success.


AUTHENTIC Stories FOR the urban youth


An imprint that is unapologetically urban in its ethos. Focused on bite-sized content, such as short stories, novellas, comics and other experimental formats delivered primarily across digital and other alternative physical channels. We welcome commercial genres with a preference for young adult, noir, romance, light erotica and through audio might consider those who explore verse and spoken word or conscious lyric-driven music content. 


Business Toolkits For CREAtors


Biznesscards is our attempt to help young creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and their businesses succeed by making business knowledge content more suitable for young entrepreneurs and busy teams. A simple idea familiar to anyone who has ever scribbled on the back of a business card, or used flash cards to learn.