In this exquisitely written piece, Toyin Olunloyo shares a story of life as we sometimes find it. Adekanmi, a successful young man who, despite his apparent success is disillusioned with life meets Red, a smart, mysterious call girl who sets his world spinning. He is unsure what to make of her, at first but as the story progresses, learns that people are deeper and more complex than their actions, and sometimes what lies behind the mask is worth fighting for.

red (Oluwatoyin Olunloyo)

  • She had been seeing him for a month now. Her street sisters teased her about her new boyfriend, but she just smiled. Truth be told, she was perplexed. He came every other night and never questioned her habit of leaving his place at 2am. He had even started dropping her back at her spot after she got mugged one night. He was a gentleman, he had a lucrative job, and he was beautiful to look at. Some nights while he slept afterwards, she looked her fill at his beautiful body, close cropped hair with its startling white streak and long eyelashes that hid curious brown- grey eyes. She didn’t see what he saw in her and wondered why he wasn’t married. However, his generosity translated into food and necessities and she was never one to rock the boat. She loved his house, too. From the lovely wood panelling in the kitchen, to the large sitting room with French windows and huge Jacuzzi in both bathrooms, the place was a delight. He complained of the house being too small but compared to her house, it was a mansion.

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