A crime story with a fusion of mild horror that addresses the case of police brutality amongst Nigeria's youth. Wilson's childhood friend who has been shot by the police appears to him as a ghost demanding he is avenged. Nothing is quite what it seems in this fantastic story from a budding Nigerian writer.


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Something Other Than This (Adefemi Fagite)

  • People say that ghosts do not exist. 

    I had always been one of those who waved off such stories as the crazy imagination of those who maybe were suffering from malaria or boredom. That is of course until the day that it happened to me. 

    I had decided to go to the Mall that morning to buy myself a new pair of sneakers. My old one had finally given up and the gaping hole through which my big toe protruded had become enough cause of embarrassment. I quickly spotted the Sports Store across the threshold, almost as soon as I entered the mall. I had been there a few times before, to feast on the various designs that were laid out right across the shelving. Each one beckoning to me to come take them home. Ah, sneakers! They had always been my weakness. I crossed the magnificent threshold and got to the door of the Sports Store in a few minutes. As I approached, the store’s glass doors slid open to welcome me in.


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