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Traditional publishing continues to look more and more archaic, and out of tune with the reality of the millennial generation. Stories are going nowhere any time soon, but surely, the way they are produced, distributed and ultimately read is rapidly changing? And technology sits smack in the middle of all the upheaval.
To be perfectly honest, we love the disruption all this has caused because it offers the rebels at the fringes and the underrepresented from distant places such a wonderful opportunity to stake new claims to new grounds of expression, that the old order has jealously guarded all these years.
So, to that young brother in Mombassa who has a story to tell in his own idiom, or that group of soul sisters in Accra, who want to string some verses of praise together in honour of their new found entrepreneurial hustle, we say ride on. We've got your back and we are going to be here for you.​

Our five-step publishing system

A growing writer soon discovers that the story process is far from finished when the first draft is finally completed. The pros will actually let you know that the real writing begins when the first draft has to be subjected to the vetting of a professional editor, who in many ways plays the role of a critical friend.
We offer our authors three major forms of editorial services:
Structural Editing.
This looks at the story as a whole and seeks to ensure that it is meaningful, compelling, authentic and primed to be a success using all known rules of great storytelling.
Copy Editing
Your manuscript will be edited by a literary professional who will interrogate for repetition, clarification, inconsistencies, redundant words or the way lines, sentence and paragraph structures, are deployed within the content of your manuscript. The objective will be to ensure that you have a polished manuscript before it is sent off to the press.
The last part of the editing process will involve thorough proofreading of the entire manuscript after it might have been typeset by the printers. This entails going over the entire script line by line to search out spelling, grammatical and typographical errors which might still be lurking after the first two edits.
This is where we use the latest in digital publishing technology to get your story ready to be converted into an enjoyable content experience across multiple platforms that now exist for the modern author. Our team will work with you to ensure that you have the following ready:​​
  • An ISBN 13 digit number which will ensure that your book can be sold by any retailer in the world.
  • A befitting book cover design and Finished Artwork which will be the ultimate weapon in attracting readers to your book across several distribution platforms.
  • Professional typographical setting and pagination for both digital E-books and print.
  • Full conversion of your word files into all the major E-book and Print ready PDF formats. Our standard offering for E-books is both EPub and Mobi, which we test across a range of devices to ensure that they achieve the best level of compatibility.
  • Finally, we work with your chosen digital print production house to ensure that the Print on Demand books are delivered to spec. We can also work with lithographic press houses on large print runs on a special arrangement.
We offer you global distribution of your story through our network of distribution partners. Our network covers both online retailers and high street bookshops as well a growing network of independent book stores in Europe the Americas and Africa-3 (South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria). Our systems are push-button ready, with all the necessary arrangements already made to ensure that we are able to track sales figures as well as monitor and account for royalty payments and remittances.
The truth is that no book ever sells itself, no matter how good it is. Every book needs a little help to bring it to the attention of its likely readership and ultimately to create and activate a fan base and a community of conversation around it. Our book marketing and promotions services revolve around a comprehensive programme driven by a range of activities:
  • Author Branding and Reputation Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Activation and Fan Engagement
  • Merchandising
We will work with you to not only develop the plan but also execute it.
The biggest obstacle to the unrepresented writer is having the requisite skill and technical knowledge required to not only tell a good story but have it heard, read or seen around the world. We begin here, by offering you all you need to know on how to put together a good story. Condensing all the knowledge of some of the best writers and publishers out there, and making it available to our community. We also offer you 'sandboxes', where you can play with your stories, test your ideas, think aloud or simply ask us and others for help and suggestions.



 At the core of what we offer you is a team of publishing professionals from around the world who team up across our network to offer our authors the best support possible. Through our sequenced project management process and utilising today's publishing technologies, we ring-fence your book project and open you to new valuable relationships that will allow your talent to find an appreciative audience both at home and abroad. 

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