how to submit your manuscript

We're new, so, you can imagine that we are looking for the next great voices of a generation. Could that be you? We are currently accepting open submissions of unpublished works from authors directly. Please follow this link to better understand our imprints and areas of interest. Click Here
To have your work considered for publication by any of our imprints, please submit into our drop box below, or send an email to us at, along with the following attachment all as a single Microsoft Word document:
  • A one-page query letter addressed to the Editor, Apex Publishing, marked as follows: 'Submission/Your Name/Title of your manuscript/Date sent.' This should introduce you and the work you are submitting. Please ensure that your email heading and body follow the same pattern,
  • A one-page synopsis, giving a brief summary of the story. (This should include a brief introduction of the central character(s), the story's core theme, it's central conflict and how the story ends),
  • A short author bio, on no more than half a page,
  • A strong excerpt from your manuscript made up of the first three chapters or 10,000 words (whichever is less) properly formatted (double-spaced, left-justified only, 12pt Serif font in Courier New.)
  • Please note that we do not accept physical submissions nor do we entertain enquiries on any submission that has been made.




how we respond to your manuscript submission

Your submission will be assessed by our editors and matched to one of four potential outcomes.
We aim to respond to all enquiries within 6-8 weeks of submission.
Outstanding Acceptance
This will be a manuscript that we like very much. It will offer a fresh and compelling concept, narrative and style of telling that align with our editorial vision and values. It will demonstrate a clear track to both critical and commercial success. It will require very little in terms of editorial improvements. As such, work of this nature may be publishable within 3 -6 months. We will consider publishing your manuscript under our premium Apex Imprint or a suitable imprint, under more traditional publishing arrangements.
High Potential Acceptance
This will be a manuscript with a high potential of being successful but requiring some editorial work. It will have established a good conceptual foundation for a book in line with our imprints, but will perhaps be lacking in terms of how the story has been developed and written. Such a manuscript will benefit from editorial support.  As such, work of this nature may be publishable within 6 -12 months. We will consider a joint venture arrangement with you to publish your manuscript under our genre Imprints.
Conditional Acceptance
This will be a manuscript that we believe requires a significant amount of work to bring it to a level worthy of publication. It might be lacking in terms of a good conceptual foundation and will most certainly benefit from extensive editorial work. As such, work of this nature may be publishable within 12 -18 months, but only contingent on the work being done right.  We will make a conditional offer to publish your manuscript under one of our genre imprints for a fee. 
Declined Work
We realise that we might not always be the best partners to help actualise your writing dreams. All sorts of reasons may be responsible for this but the primary one for us will be that the manuscript does not align with our own vision or publication values. In such a situation we will respectfully decline the manuscript, hopefully within 12 weeks of receipt of your initial submission. We regret that this will not always be in writing, but if you have not received a response from us within 12 weeks, it is safe to assume that we have indeed declined.
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